All Cocktails $11.99!

Join us for a Celebration of Flavour & Colour during Vivid Festival Sydney!

Indulge in a vibrant experience of taste and visual delights at Mani Restaurant. To enhance your Vivid Festival journey, we are thrilled to offer an exclusive promotion: all cocktails for only $11.99!

Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of Vivid Festival before or after sipping on our expertly crafted cocktails. Each sip is a fusion of flavors, carefully curated to compliment the vivid colors and artistic displays that surround you.

For the entire duration of the Vivid Festival, we invite you to discover the perfect blend of taste and spectacle. Whether you’re strolling through the illuminated streets or seeking a cozy spot to unwind, our $11.99 cocktails will add an extra touch of magic to your evening.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your Vivid Festival experience with our delectable cocktails at an unbeatable price. Join us at and celebrate the fusion of flavour and colour during Vivid Festival Sydney!

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